1. The AppAppraise Solution

    Using the best of web-based and cloud technology, we provide as much information as possible to the appraiser, right where it is needed.

    AppAppraise is designed for appraisers to closely reflect how they think and work. An appraiser's time is best spent responding to and analyzing information about properties, not searching through multiple tools and data sources to fill out a PDF.

    We have purposefully created the software to ‘flow’ in a manner consistent with the appraiser’s research and development – a dramatic change to the age old requirement that the appraiser create the appraisal in a flow that is shackled to the appraisal form.

    Simple          Quick          Accurate          Fun

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  2. Mission

    AppAppraise is a new software startup whose mission is to enable appraisers to quickly, efficiently, and accurately generate high quality, reproducible appraisals while guiding appraisers through the process step-by-step - think of it as Turbo tax for appraisals.  

    AppAppraise is the next generation in appraisal forms software; it is a cloud-based, web application for appraisal forms software that combines state-of-the-art big data analytics, data visualization, Artificial Intelligence, and web technologies in a single platform. AppAppraise gives appraisers the freedom to work on any device from anywhere in the world with just a mobile device, high speed internet connection, and web browser – it’s that easy!

    AppAppraise has been designed from the ground-up to minimize, and in some scenarios completely eliminate, the need to hop between different software applications in order to create an Appraisal Workfile.

    A core tenet of AppAppraise is simplicity. Why build a report in 20-30 steps with repeated, error-prone manual data entry when you can use AppAppraise?